Putting my professional development to work

As a new faculty member at the college I spent most of last fall writing and revising curriculum.  In addition, I rewrote a course package for Western Civilization II after my department chair informed me that the existing version didn’t articulate to one of the state universities.  Here I figured that it made sense to start over because I knew that I wanted to change everything from the course description to the objectives.  So, that’s what I did.  I found this to be a gratifying experience.  I incorporated a thematic element that connects phenomena across time (e.g. one of competencies focuses on revolutions) instead of just solely relying on a straight chronological approach.  In my professional opinion, it’s important for teachers to do this whenever possible.  Also, I used Bloom’s Taxonomy on a macroscopic level.  Previously I had only applied the taxonomy to individual assignments.  This task pushed me to rethink the courses I teach in the future. Right now I’m rewriting the package for Western Civilization I. We’ll see how that goes.