My first academic publication

Elijah P LovejoyIn graduate school I wrote an original manuscript entitled, “Elijah Parish Lovejoy: Anti-Catholic Abolitionist,” that I always wanted to submit to an academic journal as one of my professional goals.  Last fall I sent it to the Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society.  While I waited for feedback, the editor asked if I would present my research at the Illinois History Symposium this past March.  I gladly accepted the invitation.  Then, he informed me that the reviewers felt the paper had potential if I made certain revisions that I knew would require some work.  So, during the very busy spring semester, I spent a bit of time revisiting microfilm and reading additional secondary sources.  All of the effort paid off because the journal accepted the paper and will publish it in a forthcoming issue next summer.  Special thanks to the historians who provided comments on the manuscript and the folks at the college who obtained a number of items for me through interlibrary loan.

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