Support more ethical business models

Port and Company T-Shirt Made in the USAThis fall we decided to have Center for Civic Engagement t-shirts screened to distribute to students at our campus events.  As coordinator, I felt that we should buy some that are manufactured in the United States to support jobs here at home and avoid contributing to worker mistreatment abroad.  Honestly, the massive amount of offshoring that we’ve seen in recent decades bothers me.  While I don’t have a problem with global trade, I do have a serious problem with human exploitation.  So, imagine how excited I felt when I found that Authentic Promotions outside of Sacramento, California had high quality, domestically produced shirts listed in their catalog.  I ordered 100 of Port and Company’s black t-shirts with a simple design.  Then, after a brief text exchange with a good friend about “Made in the U.S.A.” goods, I sent an email message to Port and Company further inquiring about their business practices and the “Certificate of Authenticity” that appears on their website.  Someone from their distributor, SanMar, wrote back referring me to an extensive “Social Responsibility” page that convinced me the owners truly operate with a conscience.  As long as I serve in my current position on the committee, these are the shirts we will continue to purchase.

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