“Use Your Voice” by H2O

H2O Use Your VoiceIf you enjoy H2O’s Nothing to Prove (2008) as much as I do, then Use Your Voice (2015) will be a solid companion album worthy of adding to your music collection.  It has plenty of catchy guitar riffs and intense, rapid fire drumming across the eleven tracks for those of us who dig melodic hardcore.  To me, Toby Morse has the right voice because he can both scream and sing.  As for the lyrical content on this release, well, the topics are familiar: individuality, skateboarding, the importance of family, and maintaining your convictions in the face of adversity.  There’s even a song addressing the racial unrest we’ve seen over the last year and a half.  Now, you’re not going to find sophisticated political commentary on this effort (for that, check out labelmates Strike Anywhere), but you will find an infectious brand of optimism and a rarely matched level of authenticity.  Choruses like “Through thick and thin; with you until the end.  I’ll always find the best in people.  Everyone is my equal…” will brighten your morning commute to work.  Yes, the track “Thick and Thin” makes you to think about how you treat the people in your life and how all of us should aspire to be more compassionate toward others.  The hardcore scene needs this.  Confession: For whatever reason, H2O didn’t interest me in the 1990s.  That said, I’m making up for lost time.

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