Illuminating policy issues with notable stories

When I think about it, I can’t exactly pinpoint where my desire to follow the news originated.  I delivered papers as a young kid in the early 80s, but I don’t know if that experience is the independent or dependent variable here.  My memory is a bit fuzzy.  It has been 35 years.  Whatever the root explanation, I feel that my students can benefit from reading, listening to, and watching the stories that are swirling all around us.  In 2015, I started a feature in my classes called “Get Yourself Plugged In” that some appreciate and dare I say look forward to.  Each week, I post stories about a variety of social and political issues on my Twitter feed.  Then, on Fridays, I re-post up to two dozen of them in the learning management system newsfeed of every course section that I’m teaching.  I do this about 10-12 times a semester.  Now, following these stories is not a formal assignment, but we can talk about the issues if anyone has comments or questions.  So far, the response has been really positive.

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