Goals for the upcoming school year

“We are born with a chance.  Rise above!  We’re gonna rise above!  I am gonna have my chance.  Rise above!  We’re gonna rise above!”  -Black Flag

It’s hard to believe that another fall semester is just weeks away.  Can someone please tell me what happened to the spring?  The last several months have passed so quickly.  I digress (yet again).  Each year I set new professional goals for myself because I believe this is key to growing as an educator.  If I want to be a different person at the end of the year, then I have to push myself on multiple levels.  That is part of the reason why I applied to be the interim chair of my department at the college.  The following is a list of what I’d like to accomplish by May of 2018:

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love my work, I’m a planner, and that I can’t remain idle for long.  No apologies.  There’s.  Little.  Slowing.  Down.  Now, yes, sometimes you need to ease up so that you can appreciate the moment.  I’ve gotten better with enjoying the company of others and absorbing as much as possible from experiences.  That said, I believe that we choose our fate – that we each have agency to make use of in this life.  Furthermore, I’m conscious of the fact that the time is passing.  Here I encourage you to make the most of yours.

*Indicates that the goal will be addressed this fall.  Click here for image source.

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