Inspire me

Imagine all of the exchanges that are taking place at any given moment around the globe as countless thoughts are shared in-person, over the phone, and online.  How many do you estimate are truly meaningful to the people having them?  I know, what constitutes “meaningful” is totally subjective.  Also, the emotional or social gravity will always vary depending on the topic discussed as well as the people involved.  Now, I frequently think about this because I long for substance.  I really want to learn from the experiences of others.  Perspective matters.  So, please tell me about the last great book that you read or film that you watched.  Tell me about a cause that you believe in.  Tell me about how your culture and family dynamics shaped you into the person you are today.  Tell me about a friend that you can’t live without.  Tell me about a song that stirs a childhood memory you’ll never forget.  Tell me about a mistake that you made and how you apply the lesson to your current life.  Tell me about a true love that you lost and how you found your way back to normalcy so that you could love again.  I’m interested in what makes you human.  Ideas.  Adventures.  Beliefs.  Challenges.  Possibilities.  They matter to me.  I believe that we’re always one thought away from seeing the world differently.  Please inspire me with your story.

Image: My friend Joelle on the Dead Burro Canyon Trail outside LHC, Arizona.  We’re above a dry waterfall.  Click here for another view of the area at a distance.  March 2013.

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