Podcast: First Solo Hike in California

Last Saturday, I went out for my first solo hike since I arrived here in South Lake Tahoe.  Destination: Lake Margaret.  Trail length: 5 miles.  Difficulty: moderate.  Elevation: 7735 feet.  Temperature: 65-70 degrees.  While teaching is my life, outdoor activity is one of the personal reasons why I sought to relocate to this part of the country.  To me, hiking is a therapeutic exercise as the largely unadulterated natural environment helps me reframe my thinking about ideas and experiences.  Moreover, the physical exertion combined with silence and (relative) isolation allows me time to process as I disconnect from other responsibilities.  I can feel the evolution of perspective.


REI Coop Trail 25 Pack
Saucony Jazz Lo Pro Vegan
Carhartt Billings Hat
Mace Brand Stun Gun
Mace Brand Bear Spray

Images: Lake Margaret; fallen tree across the stream

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