Down into the valley we go…

Why did Yousefi and I move to Carson City?  The answer is simple: housing options.  After deciding that we needed a better place to live this past spring, I researched the available properties on the South Shore.  Let’s just say that there isn’t much for working professionals to choose from.  Many of the apartments and cabins listed didn’t have enough space or begged to be gutted (perhaps condemned?).  No thanks, the graduate student lifestyle is well in the rear view mirror.  Also, there’s fierce competition for anything worthy of consideration.  One property owner told me that she received twenty-two inquiries within hours of posting the advertisement for her cabin online.

Frustrated, we expanded the search ring to include the Carson Valley and a handful of great places appeared.  We chose an 800 square foot renovated cottage just blocks from downtown, which has coffee shops (e.g. Comma Coffee), restaurants (e.g. The Basil), the Nevada State Museum, and the Nevada State Assembly.  Yes, this means we’ll have a commute during the academic year that clocks in at just under forty minutes to campus.  That’s okay with us because we now live in the Great Basin Desert with amazing views of the Sierra Nevada and Lake Tahoe is just to the west in our side yard.  Since I paid off my student loans in May (man, what a financial relief), I’m saving to buy a house down here.  While we’ll miss living “on the hill,” we’re really happy with the rental home we found.

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