C-Hill in Carson City

One of the many benefits of living in Carson City is that we’re situated just immediately to the east of the Sierra Nevada, which means that we’re living a short distance from a handful of trails that beg to be hiked.  Earlier today, I ventured into the foothills that you can see from my driveway.  They’re so close that I like to think of them as my side yard.  While the map I brought along didn’t include all of the different trails that people have made up there, I found my way around without any problems.  You wouldn’t think that some of the hills rise approximately 935 feet above the city, but I could sure feel it in my legs both going up and down.  I enjoyed the view of the trees across the west side neighborhoods – trees that you don’t expect to find in a high desert.  It took me about four hours to wander 7.6 miles.  I plan to return soon so I can see where the other paths lead.

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