Thank you, Good Riddance

Good Riddance is a band that matured without abandoning their sound, consciousness, or intensity.  That’s really hard to do in music – especially punk.  As many of us age, a separation between our past and present develops that some rationalize as simply part of an inevitable growth process.  Too often, devolution is masked as evolution.  Not for this band.  Their latest effort, Thoughts and Prayers (2019), is as solid as anything they recorded in the late 1990s.  Hell, I think it’s better than most of their earlier albums – perhaps second only to Ballads from the Revolution (1998).  When I left the venue after their recent performance in Reno, I found myself feeling optimistic.  While I don’t personally know these guys, I’m always inspired by authentic people who hold onto their core values and pour their hearts into a chosen craft.  They reminded me that I’m never alone in a world that rejects much of what I deem important.  I know that I’ve made the right decisions for the right reasons.  Furthermore, we don’t have to give up.  No, middle age doesn’t have to claim us.

I took the image from The Bluebird’s, i.e. the club’s, Twitter feed.

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