A Sunset

Eight years ago when I accepted a teaching position in western Arizona, little did I know just how much I would fall in love with the Mohave Desert.  Hands down, it’s the most captivating place that I have ever lived or visited.  One evening in early November I drove home from work under the most amazing sky that I have ever seen.  After I pulled my car into the garage, I witnessed this sunset from my driveway as I looked westward toward California.  No, the picture has not been edited.  It really looked like this.  I miss these evening views.  I miss the scorpions, chuckwallas, and rattlesnakes at the park down the street from my place.  I miss the scorching summers.  I miss monsoon season.  I miss the slot canyons and petroglyphs.  I miss wearing shorts in December.  While my time in Arizona couldn’t last for professional reasons, I choose to focus on these moments when I reflect upon those days.  Here I consider myself fortunate.  With the sky as its canvas, nature gave us this beautiful painting that won’t ever be forgotten.


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