Goals remain, despite these difficult times

My plan to hike more has turned into a monthly routine with four consecutive visits to Prison Hill Recreation Area, which is several miles from our cottage.  It’s the perfect place to go as you wait for the snow to melt that’s higher up in the Sierras.  Last Saturday, I set a new personal record of 11.4 miles in 6 hours.  That included multiple stops to look for rattlesnakes (unfortunately, I didn’t find any sunning on or near the rocks) and eat my lunch or drink some water.  The main goal has been to push myself with longer trips.  The other is to occasionally diverge from the path that I took during my previous visit(s).  Both can be accomplished given the size of the park and number of trails that people have created (note: some trails do not appear on the map from the city).  Even though the COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting our lives, I refuse to be completely stationary because it’s not healthy to stay inside for weeks.  No worries, it’s easy to practice social distancing when there’s plenty of space and you don’t encounter many people.

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