Dear Scorpions, I’m back…

If the desert is home, then scorpions are among my favorite neighbors along with other wildlife such as mustangs. Last night marked the end of my seven year hiatus from ‘scorpion hunting’ as I spent a couple hours scanning the ground with my new black light at Centennial Park. To qualify, ‘hunting’ only involves finding and photographing them in their habitat and never causing them any harm. Prior to this outing, I wondered how northern Nevada might differ from western Arizona because the Great Basin Desert is different from the Mohave Desert (e.g. elevation, weather, temperature, plants, animals). I found three of them just a short distance from a perimeter fence – one in the sand just off of the road and two on a rocky hillside just off of a trail. Two of them were the smallest I’ve ever seen. I need to do some research on which species live in the area so that I know what I’m looking at when I go out there again next week.

Click here and here if you’d like to learn more about scorpions.

The photograph that appears in this post is mine.

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