John A. Duerk


In 2017, my comrade Michael invited me to appear on Vegan World Radio, a KPFT (90.1 FM) program in Houston, Texas. We talked about a variety of issues, including veganism, music, teaching, and activism. As an idea, animal liberation deserves far more attention than it receives. If you care about animals, please stop eating them. Click here if you’d like to learn more about the vegan lifestyle. Immediately below is the audio… Read More

John A. Duerk, Ph.D., ___ West _____ Street, Carson City, NV 89703 July 23, 2020 Supervisor Brad Bonkowski, City Hall, 201 North Carson Street, Suite 2, Carson City, NV 89701 RE: Illegal Dumping on Goni Road Dear Supervisor Bonkowski: My name is Dr. John A. Duerk and I live at ___ West _____ Street. The reason for my letter is that I’m deeply concerned about the illegal dumping that has occurred on… Read More

To some, spending money in a store is akin to casting a ballot in an election.  While this is an imperfect analogy, I’ve come to appreciate it.  Undoubtedly, we send companies a message every time we open our wallets to them in the marketplace.  We monetarily reinforce the multiple components of their business model – from where they operate and their modes of production to who they employ and the quality of… Read More

There’s a good chance that a lot of what we own will one day end up in a landfill  somewhere and take years to degrade (click here and here for tables on the amount of time).  I’ve often wondered about all of the e-waste that we produce on an annual basis.  What happens to the items we discard?  Many people don’t recycle paper and plastic, especially if it’s inconvenient.  I can’t imagine… Read More

Last Thursday, the Center for Civic Engagement at LSC-CyFair hosted a powerful event featuring members of The Journey of Hope, a non-profit advocacy group that opposes capital punishment.  Two activists, Shujaa Graham and SueZann Bosler, shared incredibly moving stories that captivated the audience.  Mr. Graham spoke about serving time on death row before his exoneration.  Ms. Bosler told us about the horrific day in 1986 when she watched a man murder her… Read More

…are genuine at all times…inspire us to do more…provide truthful explanations for their actions while taking responsibility…show compassion…ask thoughtful questions even in the most difficult of moments…understand which boundaries they should maintain and which ones they should transgress…rethink their current approach…believe in a myriad of possibilities…fight like hell to uplift the human condition…demonstrate their gratitude…know who they are and what they want…defend the defenseless…change their mindset and behavior when necessary…acknowledge their flaws… Read More

Routines.  I really like them.  I embrace the consistency of a healthy pattern because repetition brings me comfort.  That said, sometimes routines have to be intentionally broken.  Why?  Challenging yourself is vital to a purposeful existence.  A couple of months ago, I decided that I wanted to do something in addition to teaching over the summer.  I’ve been in Houston long enough that I felt it was time to get directly involved… Read More