John A. Duerk


For me, photography started very simply as a way to document experiences, but that view evolved several years ago when I realized how much I enjoyed capturing different subjects ranging from wildlife to architecture.  There are multiple questions that factor into my process.  Which subjects do I find appealing?  What angle should I take?  How do I fill the frame to accurately capture the subject in a given moment?  Do I want… Read More

I abruptly moved to Houston, Texas in late 2013 after accepting a teaching position that required me to start in January.  Unfortunately, I hadn’t done much research on the rental market (lesson learned) and took the first unit that I could find.  Total mistake.  I moved into a complex of drug dealers, a creepy drug user next door who lived with his mother, a prostitute, angry children who ran around the parking… Read More

To some, spending money in a store is akin to casting a ballot in an election.  While this is an imperfect analogy, I’ve come to appreciate it.  Undoubtedly, we send companies a message every time we open our wallets to them in the marketplace.  We monetarily reinforce the multiple components of their business model – from where they operate and their modes of production to who they employ and the quality of… Read More

Four years.  That’s how long I’ve been in Houston.  I have to be honest, this place never made the list of cities that I wanted to live in when I considered leaving the Midwest.  Most of the people I meet here are from somewhere else and everyone who’s from somewhere else moved here for a job opportunity.  Now, Houston is rather large by way of geography and population.  I have a Houston… Read More

Routines.  I really like them.  I embrace the consistency of a healthy pattern because repetition brings me comfort.  That said, sometimes routines have to be intentionally broken.  Why?  Challenging yourself is vital to a purposeful existence.  A couple of months ago, I decided that I wanted to do something in addition to teaching over the summer.  I’ve been in Houston long enough that I felt it was time to get directly involved… Read More