John A. Duerk


When I reflect on the teacher certification program that I completed more than a decade ago, I often think about the methods course that I enrolled in.  The professor who taught it had worked as a high school social studies teacher before returning to graduate school to pursue a doctorate in history.  Throughout the semester he repeatedly emphasized that every meeting cannot simply be a ‘stand and deliver’ lecture, and that we… Read More

As a new faculty member at the college I spent most of last fall writing and revising curriculum.  In addition, I rewrote a course package for Western Civilization II after my department chair informed me that the existing version didn’t articulate to one of the state universities.  Here I figured that it made sense to start over because I knew that I wanted to change everything from the course description to the… Read More

Three years ago when I pulled out of the high school parking lot and drove my thirty minute commute home for the last time, I felt a sense of catharsis and anticipation.  I loved teaching social studies, but I can’t honestly say I felt the same about other aspects of my job at the time.  When I began working in the archives that summer and shortly thereafter found myself immersed in my coursework, I appreciated… Read More